Will Change.org work?

From eok.netLast week our assignment in class was to create a social media plan for an organization of our choice. I choose University of Oregon’s Dance Marathon because it is an organization I am personally involved in. It is a student organization with a lot of potential but could use some help. While putting together my social media plan I came across a social network I had never heard of. It’s called Change.org. It is like Facebook for people who care about different “causes” or non-profits. You set up a personal account and can pick different causes that you support, such as fighting global warming or funding public education. You can also support different non-profits that are registered to Change.org. The site is cool in that it connects you to people that care about what you care about all around the country.  The other really cool feature I liked, was that if a non-profit registers with Change.org they can pay $200 annually to have a page created for them where people can donate money directly to the non-profit. On your personal profile then, you can keep track of how much money you have raised.

I thought it was an interesting new way to connect people. I believe it would work best for an active public because it does require that you have a willingness to act on your passion, by setting up an account and such. What I am unsure about is if it will catch on like other social networks. It has a lot of potential, but from my attempts to work with my personal account on it, it has been difficult to use. Also, I wonder how many non-profits will see the value in paying $200 annually for the service. It would be rewarding if they were going to be bringing in much more than that annually from the site. But what if a better and free social network were to allow them to do the same thing. It will be an interesting social network to continue to follow.  

One response to “Will Change.org work?

  1. Kelsey,

    What a great find! Thank you for sharing your discovery. I’m eager to create an account and poke around the site. Change.org seems like a great resource for leaders who want to stand up for change. The site allows people to network and engage with others who share similar passions regarding social issues. I agree with you and think that non-profits may not see the value in paying $200 annually for the service. However, if this site takes off and attracts a lot of activists seeking to donate money, I can see non-profits jumping on the Change.org bandwagon.

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