Happy to now be a SMUG student

Our public relations course has some what wrapped up its focus on social media this week, but I am struggling to want to leave. I spoke with my teacher about other courses to take to continue learning about all this new technology. Unfortunately, nothing is really offered by the journalism school that would be similar. I talked to my friend Molly, who is a sports business major, about how I was disappointed about this because of all of the neat things we were learning about. She commented about how it was frustrating that there was nothing even similar offered in the business school. Luckily, I have found a solution to my problem, and hopefully my friend Molly will be joining me soon! Lee Aase, who I have been following with my Google reader, has created the Social Media University, Global (SMUG).Image from SMUG Facebook photos SMUG Headquarters Aase has created this public university to help those interested in lifelong learning, dive deeper into social media. There is a full curriculum that Aase is constantly updating, seeing that SMUG was just founded in January. Each lesson also comes with a homework assignment, very similar to what we have been doing in our public relations class. Luckily, because of the public relations course I could easily get through the pre-requisites and am now getting ready to start the rest of the work.I hope more students will check SMUG out and hopefully become students. It would also be great if teachers helped Aase out and were guest professors. Until then, I will continue working away at understanding social media. 

3 responses to “Happy to now be a SMUG student

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  3. Kelsey,

    I am thrilled to hear that you are inspired to continue your journey into social media. When you are on the job market, you might consider applying to jobs that will enable you to continue to specialize in this area.


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